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Delicious menus, suitable for all tastes

For us hospitality means taking care of all the needs of those who choose Nirvana Club Village for their holidays. That’s why our restaurant offers a rich selection of delicious options that satisfy both the taste and the needs of all of our guests.

Get your day off to the right start with Nirvana’s rich buffet, featuring a delicious selection of both sweet and savory delicacies. Get ready for a vacation full of activities and wake up to the perfect breakfast.

Our high quality ingredients, combined with the chef’s ability and the importance of the Calabrian culinary tradition, offer our guests a tempting selection of restaurant dishes.

At lunch and dinner, you can treat yourself to a rich buffet with daily appetizers and side dishes, and discover a selection of pasta, meat and fish dishes and desserts a la carte, as well as a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes and local specialties.

Discover the delicious flavors of Calabrian cuisine

If you want to savor the best of Calabrian cuisine, don’t miss out on the Serata Calabrese, for an evening featuring local dishes and products that will be sure to delight your palate.

A journey through flavors that begins with a buffet, where you will find bruschettas, croquettes, pipi e patate (a classic dish with peppers and potatoes), ‘nduja sausage, parmigiana, fresh ricotta, soppressata salami, capocollo pork cold cuts, spicy salamis, Tropea onions and many other tasty and spicy local delicacies.

The Serata Calabrese also features a menu with 2 pasta dishes and 2 meat or fish dishes, served at your table to delight you with the most representative dishes of the Calabrian region, which boasts century-old recipes and a wide variety of tastes and flavors.

Gluten-free and celiac menus

Those with special dietary needs know that they have to pay attention to what they eat on vacation and this may be limiting when choosing a destination.

We therefore created the “Celiachia ad hoc” service, specialized in gluten-free dishes for celiacs.

The restaurant’s gluten-free menu differs from the daily specials only for its use of gluten-free ingredients (such as pasta and flour), prepared to ensure the same great taste as the traditional dish.

Guests with this dietary need will find bread, crackers, rusks and gluten-free breakfast cookies at our restaurant without having to miss out on a great breakfast!

Nirvana’s bar also offers a vast selection of gluten-free ice cream.

Attention to our guests’ needs is very important to our chef, even when it comes to the needs of families with small children requesting a variation on the classic menu.

Let us know what your needs are when you make your reservation. We will be happy to offer you a customized service!

Special vegetarian and vegan menus

No need to worry, Nirvana Club Village has taken care of everything! Our restaurant offers delicious vegetarian and vegan variations of traditional dishes, especially prepared by our creative chef.

Discover our restaurant’s vegan specialties: a triumph of natural flavors!

A passion for food and for pleasing our guests

Our host will welcome you and escort you to your table in one of the restaurant’s two dining halls which seats up to 430 guests, ensuring the highest level of hospitality.

You will be impressed by the variety of our menu. Discover the vast range of flavors of Calabrian cuisine, our authentic ingredients and the sublime taste of each dish, freshly prepared by an expert chef.

A baby-feeding station for our younger guests

Your much-awaited holidays are a time to relax, even when traveling with small children. That’s why Nirvana Club Village offers a baby-feeding area for guests with children up to 3 years of age.

The Biberoneria consists of a dining area, equipped with a kitchen and food for newborns, as well as someone from our staff to help you prepare meals and feed your child.

The feeding station is open for lunch from 12:00 to 12:45 pm and for dinner from 7:00 to 7:45 pm. It is equipped with a stove, high chairs, tables and chairs, dishes, pots, pans and a blender.

An assistant will be on hand to help parents, who will no longer have to worry about their baby’s meals: you will find everything you need to prepare your child’s meal in a well-equipped and comfortable area. The service includes a wide variety of food, including vegetable broth, tomato and vegetable purees, baby pasta, grated cheese, baby cheese, olive oil, white meat, cooked ham, fresh fruit and milk.

The Biberoneria costs € 20 per day and is required for those staying with children under the age of 3.