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Stand Up Paddle

Stay in shape by standing on the waves

Today’s most popular water sport is drawing numbers of water sports lovers to Nirvana Club Village!

Although Stand Up Paddle Boarding has ancient origins, it became popular in the 1950’s in Waikiki, Hawaii, as an offshoot of surfing.

In SUP (for short) riders paddle while standing up on a large board that is about twice as large as a surfboard. SUP became an official sport in 2004, attracting millions of fans around the globe, including several Hollywood stars.

During your stay at our resort, you can also enjoy this amazing sport, thanks to our Stand Up Paddle Boarding course. For € 30 you can take a 30-minute lesson and rent SUP equipment for 1 hour after learning the basics: how to carry the equipment, how to use the paddle and the leash, as well as effective paddling techniques.

If you already know how to use a SUP board, you can rent one and enjoy an excursion or challenge the waves for a great way to stay in shape.

Rental costs are as follows:

1 hour = € 15

3 hours = € 35

Rental conditions:

A valid ID must be left with the sailing school during equipment rental.

Full rental amount must be paid prior to rental.

In the event of damage to the equipment, customers must pay a sum equal to the damage.