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The thrill and freedom of sailing in the sea

Windsurfing is a very popular and intense water sport that will thrill your senses.

The Ionian coastline along the Nirvana Club Village is an excellent starting point, both for those who have never practiced this sport and for those looking for new spots to challenge the wind and the sea.

To experience windsurfing at its best, our resort offers courses for different ages and levels, to help everyone learn the basic techniques and essentials to safely glide across the waves as you feel the wind on your skin.

Adults and children from the age of 6 can discover the joys of windsurfing with the help of qualified instructors and the most advanced equipment available.

Windsurfing lessons for beginners and experts

The beginners’ course will teach you how to start sailing and tacking, as well as controlling your direction to gain confidence when maneuvering the board. The course is composed of three 60-minute lessons, in addition to one hour of equipment rental, assistance, the support of an instructor and an inflatable boat.

Each lesson begins with a theoretical introduction on the beach with up to 4 students per instructor, followed by an individual lesson in the water.

The beginners’ course, which is recommended for those who are new to windsurfing, is available at a price of € 150.

The advanced course is also divided into three 60-minute lessons, in addition to one hour of equipment rental. The courses teaches you to steer, fast tack, jibe and use a harness. The goal of the course is to learn how to safely steer in strong winds.

You can also book individual 60-minute lessons or a set of customized lessons at an affordable cost:

1 lesson € 50

3 lessons € 150 plus 1 hour rental

5 lessons € 200 plus 1 hour rental

Windsurfing Rentals

Have you been waiting for summer all year long to get back on a windsurfing board and ride the Ionian Waves? At Nirvana Club Village, you can go windsurfing whenever you please, thanks to our rental service, with 1 or 3 hour rental options.

Those who have already taken a windsurfing class will receive a discount on rentals! Contact us for more information.

Rental prices for windsurfing boards and sails:

1 hour € 30

3 hours € 75

Windsurfing lessons for children

It’s never too early to start windsurfing!

Our resort offers courses especially designed for children (ages 6 to 12) to learn the basics of windsurfing with qualified instructors. The course allows them to learn the first basic steps with safety as a first concern, as they will be equipped with ultra-light equipment and supervised at all times.

The beginners’ course for children includes three 30-minute lessons and includes equipment, assistance, the support of an instructor and an inflatable boat. The total cost is € 75.

We also offer 30-minute private lessons for children to learn new techniques or practice with an instructor. You can choose from the following sets of windsurfing lessons, which can be customized according to your needs:

1 lesson € 30

3 lessons € 75

5 lessons € 100